Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning is a campaign that I stumbled across last year. The aim is to encourage people to rethink their relationship with alcohol and to promote a better drinking culture. When I first came across it I liked the idea of hangover free Sundays and looking at pictures of all the great things people do in life that don’t involve alcohol (the campaign started in Australia so there are typically lots of nice sunny pictures of people doing a variety of cool outdoorsy things! – see website here )

I have a funny relationship with alcohol. It is a massive part of my family life and culture but I am typically the one in my family who drinks the least, is happy to drive, can’t really drink too much anyway, and if I’m honest I’ve always been very nervous of the calories. So, when I talk about giving up alcohol people fin it strange as they don’t really see me as a drinker anyway. But while I may not drink very often, when I do I always feel a little out of control around it. I LOVE a glass of wine at certain times, but it’s very easy for this to turn into three or four glasses of wine which results in drunk me. Given that alcohol is a depressant this tends to not have a good effect on me; I start feeling a bit dull  and it’s very easy for it to end with me wanting to me on my own and crying myself to sleep. Alternatively, it gets me a bit hyper and then I spend the next few days with ‘the fear’ about what I said, what people were thinking about me etc. Like a lot of parts of my life I have never really mastered the grey in between, it tends to be black and white ‘not drinking’ or ‘too drunk’.

After a recent night out resulting in a hangover and a sad mood for a few days after I realised I needed another stretch at giving up completely, to remind myself that I can have lots of fun when not drinking and that it is a relatively simple action I can take which will have a positive impact on my life. Eliminating purging seems impossible at the moment but I am lucky that I feel I can eliminate alcohol in my life (lucky as I’m well aware this would be extremely challenging for some people).

So I am two weeks into my HelloSundayMorning challenge and last night had an absolute ball out with my friends: we chatted and danced and laughed and they commented that it was lovely to see me out (I’ve been avoiding social nights out recently and it’s been too long since I’ve been out with these guys) and that they were impressed I was confident enough to give it socks on the dance floor while sober. I had the nice realisation that when I don’t put alcohol in the mix actually I find it easier to be out with people and while was still doing lots of comparing of my body to others and worrying about how I looked, it wasn’t in such a sad negative way as it is when I’m out and having a drink or two. I woke up this morning with the confidence that I hadn’t said or done anything I regretted and while I’ve been tired all day (I did b/p once this morning so that’s probably the reason) I’ve been feeling quite calm and in a relatively good mood. It’s makes a welcome change! So, a lovely Sunday morning to wrap up my week and a nice positive mood to bring into the week ahead.

If anyone else is doing HSM or has looked at it do let me know! x