The ridiculousness of Eating Disorders

Work have arranged our Christmas party which is to be a casual get together in one of the girl’s houses where everyone brings a dish to share.

Last week I spent between 10 minutes to an hour each day worrying about what I would eat at this event which is 7 weeks away.

I am a (semi) intelligent rational human being, and I know one meal won’t make a difference, but I can’t seem to switch of that bit of my brain that is obsessing over this.

The easiest thing would be not to go, but I have bailed on last two social events and I moved to a new team this year and it would be nice to see colleagues outside of the centre.

So I will go, and I will just try to laugh at the ridiculousness of spending the next 7 weeks worrying about the calorie content of random dishes and people’s perceptions of how I eat.

Oh the joys of this illness….

4 thoughts on “The ridiculousness of Eating Disorders

  1. I get this a lot. I’m already worried about the Christmas period which is notoriously tough on all of us. I hope you manage to overcome the majority of these fears and enjoy the evening. Ultimately your friends care more about the fact you’ll be there than the food anyone brings and/or eats x

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  2. I can relate to this so much! I like how you are looking at the situation. I totally agree with the comment above, about how your friends care more about you being there. This is soo true. You got this though. You will have so much fun and so happy you attend. ❤️

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  3. I think we often over estimate the level of other people’s interest in what we are eating, unless we are completely not eating, I know it’s hard, but try and reassure yourself that there will be alcohol flowing and most people will certainly be interested in their own plate of food in front of them, someone will snog the wrong person and that will be the overriding gossip of the night 🤣🤣🤣….
    Difficult, I know the anxiety, I spend hours looking at menus before I go anywhere and think about excuses but it’s left me now pretty much uninvited to gatherings as people just don’t ask as they assume the answer will be no or a late cancel. Which smarts a bit but I have no one to blame but me, myself and my eating disorder, although I am in recovery. Xx

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    1. Yes you’re right – they probably won’t be thinking about what I’m eating. If only I could manage to not think about what I’m eating too! Wouldn’t that be nice! And yes, while I would like to be able to avoid all of these social situations I don’t think I’d want to not be invited at all. Sorry that you don’t get invited sometimes – but hopefully with recovery this will start to change. xxx

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