Sorry for the smell

TMI beware!

After thinking long and hard about the type of awareness that is important in relation EDs I have concluded that acknowledging the wind/gas issue is one of my priorities!

I’m getting back to regular eating after a bit of a blip (I let jars back into my life and have pretty much eaten toast and PB/jam/marmalade for most meals for a few weeks) and my stomach/bowels are not happy with me. I’m trying really hard to be positive but the stinkiness is trying its best to ruin my day.

I would like to apologise to all the people in my real world who have had to suffer the smells with me. I have no control over it. It sucks. It is one of the rough bits of recovery no one talks about.

So here’s my awareness raising – I’m pretty much farting my way to recovery, and yes it’s gross but I am trying not to be ashamed of it!

(But if anyone has any tips that don’t involve changing my diet please share!)


10 thoughts on “Sorry for the smell

  1. I think any dietary change will create digestive upset so maybe just some gas-x or something like that? Good luck. I know it’s uncomfortable. Hang in there!

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  2. Gut bacteria top up. Yakult, kombucha, kefir, all have active bacteria that are wonderful for the gut. It’s saved my bum xx

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  3. 🙂 omg I love this post!!!! I too am farting like… Storm Emma !! it’s the undiscussed shadow side of recovery! I bought some peppermint tea but haven’t really been drinking it… apparently it is good for digestive health! xo may these ‘winds of change’ bring positivity into both our lives 😉

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