Baby steps

The little things add together eventually. They feel so massive at the time, but so insignificant in the big picture, but on reflection they are what makes recovery.

I had a slice of toast before swimming today. I spread it with peanut butter that I can now keep in my cupboard.

I swam until the time I needed to get out for work, even though it was less than I wanted. 

I had lunch 20 mins early because I knew I wouldn’t have time later.

I ate 2 biscuits that weren’t planned because they are yummy and I was hungry. 

I drank wine at the theatre (semi-drunk blogging!) because it was free and I don’t care about the calories. 

I will sleep well and tomorrow I will keep to plan, because I am free to do that, and I trust the process. 

One win at a time. 


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