The carbs with every meal experiment

I had my official weigh in today and the 20 or so Nak’d bars I ate over the last few weeks have made no difference- which shows the experiment worked- the worst is not necessarily going to happen!

The challenge for the next two weeks is carbs at every meal. I’ve been managing this for the most part recently (it took a long long long time- years- but I have finally un-demonised carbs-well, most of them) but never consistently, usually 2 meals out of 3 in a day, or a run of few days but then a few blips.

The aim is to have carbs with every meal for the next two weeks, so 41 meals, 41 opportunities to show I can do it. And then at my next appointment I will see the impact on my weight. I’m not worried about portion sizes, that will come later down the line, for now just need to have carbs on my plate and then in my belly πŸ™‚

This may result in some weight gain, my counsellor has prepared me for that, as I’m adding it to my meal plan on top of everything else, but the experiment is to see how much impact it really makes, and to see how I deal with this.

In between this I’m only to weigh myself once (she wanted no weighing but I’m a fierce negotiator when I want to be!)

Anyone else challenging any ED beliefs/thoughts these days?


9 thoughts on “The carbs with every meal experiment

      1. It takes some time to begin to trust your rational mind over your eating disorder mind.Each rule Broken that the ED imposes on you is a step in the right direction.Proud of you for trying to challenge the ED!


  1. You go girlie!! Also be aware that if anything does happen with the scale, it will undoubetedbly be water …. which is needed for metabolism with carbs so it’s just water. Our human bodies are amazing, I have really taken on board lately that a couple of pounds heavier in the morning is water and I can live with that due to the science behind it. I am not above the law and my body behaves like everyone else’s and to lay down a lb of fat means I would have to have eaten 3,500kcals on top of TDEE. It’s impossible. So I am glad to be part of the human race again and not believe that the rules of nature and energy metabolism are not applicable to me. Literally by months and months of retraining hard wired emotions with food, it is becoming more functional for me these days. I need food to live, I’m definitely a clapped out Morris Minor but I still need petrol. I’m sure you are more like a porsche, and they need top grade fuel for sure xxx


    1. Yay to being part of the human race! Yay to science! This is so what I needed to hear. Retraining hard wired emotions is so it- that’s what I’m trying to do- every time my ED goes ‘but but but…’ I’m going ‘I’m not getting into this, this is a disorder of excuses, shut up’. It’s so good to hear that it becomes more functional, I can see that for me with some things too. And I’d way prefer to be a Morris Minor than a Porsche! Vintage baby! Xxx


  2. Hello legend πŸ™‚ yay super well done on the nakd bar front πŸ™‚ what a great start to the week! I remember when I was working with the dietitian last year and was utterly convinced that of course eating more or different things was going to result in immediate weight gain and how mind-boggling it was that I didn’t instantly gain any weight at all!! Science!!!
    Yesterday I had a long day and challenged the ED by sitting in the sunshine outside a cafe and eating half of a blueberry muffin πŸ™‚ I had a lot of ed thoughts and had to take lots of nervous glances around to check if people were hating on me or staring at me but what got me through was knowing that I need to be able to eat in cafes if I want to go back to college so I’m reclaiming the al fresco dining option and the muffin with that purpose in mind… YIIIIIKES its so scary but necessary!!! The never ending helter skelter ride of ed recovery!!!! X Solidarity X πŸ™‚ Em

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    1. Well done on the muffin! That is impressive, but you’re so right, for being in college you will need to be able to this. What good motivation! Having things like that helps move us forward rather than staying stuck with the gloom and doom of ED. Xxx

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