The nak’d bar (nearly) everyday challenge

A little while ago a friend asked me what I thought would happen if I ate a nak’d bar everyday. For me, nak’d bars are a treat and I don’t deserve to eat them everyday, and if I did I would never be able to stop eating them and my life would crumble in a smooshing of fruit and nut bars.

So I thought I should test this theory, and challenged myself to eat a nak’d bar every day. Do you want to know what happened? (I’m telling you anyway, sorry!)

-After a few days I got a bit bored of nak’d bars. I went back to my other snacks a few days just because I wanted something different.

-I’ve binged on them once. I ate 4 bars in a row, but I had 12 more bars I could have eaten but I didn’t. I would’ve binged on anything at that point, so actually an amazement that I realised I didn’t actually want to keep going.

-I stocked up in the beginning and have had nak’d bars in my cupboard since then, but the binging was an isolated incident.

-I realised I liked some flavours better than others. Peanut can stay in my life forever but I gave the lemon drizzle away after 2 bars.

-I gained NO weight. I added these on to my meal plan for the first week, eating fruit and a nak’d bar rather than just a nak’d bar. Did the calories make any difference? Nope!

Sometimes it’s worth challenging things and trusting the process. I feel empowered by my ability to get rid of my nak’d bar fear. What can I face next I wonder?

* and no this post isn’t sponsored

*and yes I am eating one as I write this!



9 thoughts on “The nak’d bar (nearly) everyday challenge

  1. Yay šŸ™‚ I love this news ! I also love Ginger Bread, very berry and Mocha nakd bars – they’re my current fave snack šŸ˜» it’s totally inspiring and cheering to hear that you courageously took on this challenge and kicked ass in the way that you did. In my head the fear of what negative consequences will happen if I break a “food control rule” can be paralysing so I feel totally celebratory of how thoroughly brave and kick ass this is šŸ’ŖšŸ»āš”ļø hurrah! X

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      1. I know!! It just appeared in the cafe in my train station – it’s sublime – I hope you find a source ! šŸ˜‰


  2. You overcame a fear! You thought that it was irrational and you overcame it- fantastic! I’m currently reading Martin seligmans book ‘flourish’ and he describes how important mastery is for health compared to learned helplessness. This sounds masterful to me šŸ˜ Well done, be proud!


  3. ‘Trusting the process’ – really great post but loved these three words. I love the fact you challenged yourself and trusted that the outcome would be fine despite any fear you may have had. I’m trying to trust that eating regularly won’t make me gain weight and it’s nice to hear you took on this challenge and did amazingly so x


  4. Can I just say that I love this post! It says volumes in a short few sentences. I remember when I was in the treatment program, this very thing happened over and over and over. However, even though I know that and actually experienced it, once I was discharged, nearly all those foods went back on the no-way-am-I-eating-this list. I decided to write that list down and give it to my nutritionist for us to work through at some point. I know that I need to eat a donut, for example. It seems like the most impossible thing ever. It’s obviously at the top of my list. Beyond all the obvious ED reasons, I simply think donuts are a waste of a food. The point however is to be able to eat anything in case I’m in a situation where that is all that is available. Again, I “know this” but putting it into action is a wee bit tougher. You are most certainly an inspiration. In keeping with the name of your blog, quite roar, you are, with a quiet strength, overcoming your fears.

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