Late to the podcast party

I have just discovered podcasts. I know I know, I’m so behind the times, but I just never really got what they were all about until fairly recently. My mum had been recommending some but I was like ‘argh I don’t know how it works on my phone’ and mum quite rightly said ‘if I can do it you can’ – which is so true as my Mum is so lazy about getting on with technology stuff!

I’ve discovered some really good ones mental health-wise and I really feel they have shifted some of my views and beliefs and have been really positive for me, so I thought I would recommend some here and hopefully learn about some new ones from any of you reading!

I’m loving ‘Don’t salt my game’ by Laura Thomas. She a registered nutritionist but her podcast are not just focused on food, she interviews a variety of guests and there generally fun episodes, but also quite informative about a range of topics e.g. anxiety, body positivity, exercise, feminism, health at every size. She’s really passionate about calling society (esp. social media) out on its BS and promotes scientific evidence, so she’s never going to talk about some crazy fad or money-making health scaremongering. For those of you in the UK who watched ‘mind over marathon’ she was the nutritionist associated with this programme. These podcasts have really inspired me to challenge some of my ED beliefs and I can feel myself getting angry at an illness and society that tells me I have to be thin, that thinness is superior, that restricting food is a strength or a talent. Our bodies are our bodies, they are superb machines that know what they need to stay well, and will do a good job of that if we stop fighting them. I’m trying to learn how to #embracethesquish as a result of some of the discussions on this podcast.

The other one I’m enjoying is ‘Eating disorder recovery podcast’ by Tabitha Farrar. I started listening to this one around Eating Disorder Awareness week when she did some great episodes for adults with eating disorders e.g. relationships and sex, money, loneliness. These are issues that don’t often get addressed in eating disorder sites, blogs literature etc so it was interesting and relevant to me as a 30-something year old. She recovered (fully) from a restrictive eating disorder so there is a definite bias towards this in terms of discussion/ focus, but as restriction often plays a part in bulimia/ EDNOS it is relevant to those disorders also. She advocates that full recovery is possible but it’s bloody hard work and can’t be achieved without eating and gaining weight. This is so true so a very important message to be putting out there, but she recognises that the process of doing that is horrendous, so she’s realistic about things.

One more I have gotten into is ‘Bryony Gordon’s it’s a mad world’ which is focused on mental health more generally. She started off the podcast with an interview with Prince Harry which is pretty cool, and then the second episode she talks to a director of NHS mental healthcare services, who then became a patient in the mental health system herself which was fascinating.

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot over the past few weeks with my new podcast obsession, I play them when I’m doing chores, in the bath or as distraction during mealtimes, at night, basically whenever! I went through an intense reading phase at the beginning of the year and now have replaced that with podcasts it seems! I’d love to get some recommendations from you guys for other ones I could try- mental health wise or more generally!

PS: I’m also listening to ‘my dad wrote a porno’ and it is a sure thing to make me laugh out loud – it sounds random but worth looking it up!


5 thoughts on “Late to the podcast party

  1. hey 🙂 I love podcasts but haven’t listened to any in ages. They used to be my favourite way to pass the time while crocheting or commuting – I find it so relaxing to listen to them! I listened to Bryony Gordon’s interview with Prince Harry too and enjoyed it, that’s a podcast I definitely want to listen more to – I totally loved that book by the time I finished reading it by the way! still haven’t gotten around to writing a review yet though it is in a pile waiting to be looked at again before it goes back on my bookshelf! My other fave podcasts are Tara Brach’s mindfulness podcast from her website and the Bristol Community Yoga Podcast for the Yoga Nidra podcasts (to fall asleep to) and finally in entertainment and escapism ! The New Yorker Fiction podcast, I just love having a story told to me and this podcast is a dream for that! if you get stuck into that podcast my fave stories are… David Sedaris reads Miranda July, Miranda July reads Janet Frame, Gary Shteyngart reads Lorrie Moore, Margaret Atwood reads Mavis Gallant, Edwidge Danticat reads Jamaica Kincaid!! Enjoy!! if you listen to any of them I’d love to hear what you think! I just realised I went on to read almost all of Jamaica Kincaid and all of Lorrie Moore’s books because I enjoyed their stories so much x I’m definitely going to check out the ones you mentioned here – they sound really interesting x Em


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