A day to myself

Yesterday was the first day in months that I had no plans. I had to be home to wait for a delivery and it forced me to arrange my day to be at home. 

It was bliss! I woke up early but lay in bed reading. I did some epic spring cleaning- I washed two sets of curtains, I cleaned the grouting in the bathroom tiles, I washed the windows, I sorted out cupboards, I cleaned my cross country shoes, I had washed clothes that had been building up. In between this I had two naps and watched two movies! 

It might sound like a horrible day to others but cleaning really does soothe me, and it was great to get things checked off my to-do list, and to wake up this morning to a sparkling house! 

Eating wise it wasn’t great, despite being relaxed and having a lovely day I purged three times and binged/purged in the evening. Bulimia is back with an avengance but I’m aware of this and prioritising my recovery, I took out my self-help manual and have started the first module again, and wrote out my pros and cons for recovery and am going to food shop today to get me started for the week. 

I’m away again the next two weekends and can already feel the anxiety building up, but this is a lesson that I need more days like this as they really do help. In fact I’m going to schedule some in the diary right now! 

Hope you all had lovely Saturdays too. 


3 thoughts on “A day to myself

  1. That sounds like a loooovely day 🙂 I love cleaning too & struggle to make time for more than the basic clean – it is uplifting tho 🙂 sorry to hear about the bulimia bring back but full respect to you for getting the self help manual out and getting started on the pro & con list xx keep taking steps xxx you deserve the freedom xxx big love Em


  2. Cleaning feels so good and fresh 😊 I think it’s really good of you to be taking the steps to dealing with the bulimia, well done. Don’t beat yourself up about it and keep working for your health! ❤️🌹

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  3. This past Sunday I never got out of my PJs. Loved it! Yeah, my eating was a bit, er, off, but I didn’t exercise so I suppose I ought to give myself kudos for that! The next day was a difficult appointment and I’m back on track. However, I think I need a regular PJ day, once a week or at least every 2 weeks.


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