Practical tips for following structured eating?

I am really trying with structured eating at the moment but I am struggling. I can do about 2-3 days then have 1-2 off days then can get back on track, but I’m finding it hard to be consistent. I’m going to ask my counsellor about it but I don’t have an appointment until next month and I was hoping I might be able to tackle it sooner.

So, anyone out there got any tips that might help me? This is all I have so far, and you’ll see that I’m already stumbling with my intentions!

  •  I’ve told a few friends that I’m really trying so am not eating out at all over the next few weeks as that’s something that de-rails me. I’ve also scheduled them in for some meals in mine to help with the post meal nightmare. 
  • I went shopping to make sure I had stuff in, although being organised every week is hard when I’m coming and going so much. I hate shopping.
  • I batch cooked some meals so I have them in the freezer, but I appear to have a block about actually eating them once frozen
  • I am trying to make breakfast and lunch at night time, I used to be so good at this but I’m out of the habit and I’m so exhausted I just choose bed over prep, frustrated at myself for not being able to stick to this
  • I cleared the table and made the it welcoming to eat at, although I have had most of my breakfasts and dinners in bed despite this. 
  • I picked out some new recipes to make based on ingredients I have. I just have actually gotten around to making them.
  • My friend suggested planning out my food for the week ahead but even the thought of that stresses me out so much as if I eat something different or extra I know the shame will be horrible, I feel too weak/greedy to actually follow a meal plan, it makes me feel like I’m dieting (but in a different way than more spontaneous restriction e.g oh dear I missed lunch which makes no sense)

So it seems to be the usual story of knowing what I need to do but not being able to do it-so frustrated with myself- why is it so hard even when I know it’s what I need to do! 

All advice gratefully received from you lovely people!!!


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