Happy St Patrick’s day!

Unfortunately there’s no bank holiday in the U.K. but it seems wrong to work on St Patrick’s day so I have taken the day off, and one of my friends has come over from Ireland. We had planned a long hike in the Yorkshire dales (followed by some Guinness of course in a country pub!) but the weather is miserable, so instead we did a short walk now followed by a longer lunch! 

I’m a little anxious about a pub lunch after not a proper hike, but I know I need to move away from that mindset, indulging a little every now and again won’t change my body shape, I will not suddenly wake up unable to fit into my clothes. I’ll admit I do have a little bit of a buffer after a recent dip in weight so it does make it slightly easier to rationalise, but it’s a dangerous game to play hovering just under my set point just so I don’t feel guilty about treating myself, I can package it up anyway I want but that is restriction and it never ends well. So I shall eat my lunch (mmmmm pub chips with vinegar) and focus on enjoying time with my friend, the shelter from the rain, and the stream of paddys day’s updates from friends abroad, far better than thinking about my waistline! 

“May you always have walls for the winds,a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,and all your heart might desire”


5 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s day!

  1. Enjoy!! Listen, I have been doing a lot of research around macros, refeed days (applicable to people who work out and are fit, healthy, full of beans individuals). I have also been doing research around competitive eaters etc. Sustained over indulgence is the culprit for becoming unhealthy, not the odd meal with few extra fat calories or carbohydrate calories. There is such a difference between nourishing yourself or being on a fast track to unhealthy living. You categorically are in need of nourishment for you body, for you mind, for your soul …. it’s that reconnect of body and mind. Body never did anything wrong and as someone said to me, its not about weight gain, it’s about claiming back the weight that you should never have lost in the first place. I know you know all this, I just want to say it to you so you have a second person confirming what your un-disordered rational mind tells you and sometimes the disordered mind barges in and over-rules in its usual bully-boy way. Disordered mind wants you to believe that somehow your body is different, that you are above the law when it comes to anatomy and physiology compared to other humans, so you will be tricked into believing that you can’t eat like everyone else because you’ll put on weight, your metabolism is slow so you have to restrict, that feeling full equals fatness when really we know fullness is just that, fullness ….. You are doing a great job. And in those hours of self-doubt and indecision, just remember the road you’ve travelled, the pain you’ve suffered because to not recall it properly in all its destruction gives the disorder the power to march back in when you are low and vulnerable. You got this, you rock. xx


  2. I am having similar struggles today. I made plans to go out for drinks with a friend later. I’m nervous about it, too. Even bordering on cancelling altogether.
    This is when the eating disorder angers me. When it ruins my fun with friends. Remember you are not alone. I hope you enjoy your pub lunch and find a way to silence the eating disorder voice. Hugs to you, and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

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