It’s the things that made us happy that make us sad

I learnt something today that I wanted to share. I was discussing with a friend how sadness would wash over me when I remembered something that I’m no longer going to have in my life now I’ve moved out from living with my boyfriend.  She said to me that it’s always the happy things that make us sad, because we’ll miss them and they have fond memories. I hadn’t really thought of it in that way but it make sense. How lucky am I that I got to make all those fabulous memories? How privileged am I to have been in love and to have been loved. Yes it’s sad right now, but it’s sad because it once was happy and it’s okay that I’m going to miss that. 

There’s my wisdom for the day! 


7 thoughts on “It’s the things that made us happy that make us sad

  1. I’m not quite ready to write it in a post but you can guess the gist. Also in case people (especially the boy) in real life know this is me I want to leave it a while to make sure I’m not making them feel betrayed- it’s probably unnecessary but until things settle I think it’s for the best. I’m okay, okay-ish, I’m hanging in there anyway. How are you? You doing any better?


  2. I can relate to this. My therapist has mentioned at different times that I need to go through the grieving process of parts of my life. Due to chronic pain I had to grieve not being able to garden anymore, doing loads of physical things as well as other things. It was a hard process but in the end it actually showed me that the energy going into those activities has been channeled into new, less strenuous, activities.

    Grieving past relationships, friends, etc, has given me the tools to be a better person in relationships going forward. It’s hard and it hurts, but eventually I found my perspective had changed.

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