There are no good excuses for relapse

Things are not great at the moment life wise. There are big things happening which I can’t talk about as it’s not fair on the people involved. My emotional system is being pretty taxed right now. It would be so tempting to use this as as an excuse as to why I need to park recovery for a little while. I think everyone would understand if I slipped a little, if I couldn’t keep the structured eating going with all that’s going on. I could absolutely claim that it’s just too hard right now. 

Or, and this is quite the relevation, I could use this as an opportunity to show how far I have come, how much I have learnt. I have the potential to get through this rough time and to be okay health wise. How amazing is that? I am the only one that can control whether that happens. Be sure I’m going to try my very best! No doubt this will be a challenge but it has to be worth it!


10 thoughts on “There are no good excuses for relapse

  1. That’s such a brave attitude! Well done, that’s very admirable 🙂 Just remember to ask for help if you need it-this isn’t a case of ‘all or nothing’, it’s okay if you dip for a while, it’s not “being defeated”. And I’m here if you need to talk! x

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    1. Thank you, and thanks for the reminder to not fall into all or nothing trap either- I can see that happening if things get harder I could just decide to not keep tying- so yes I will watch out for that. I’m asking and receiving lots of help – my world is a very warm cosy loving place right now even with things going on, and that’s a lovely feeling to have. X


  2. xxx sending you support and courage MQR xxx and sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time. I’m sorry also that it is something that you don’t feel you can talk about as talking about things can help me sometimes… Even if you can’t talk here, do you have anyone in your day to day life that could hear you out? or any confidential helplines or resources you could talk things through with? On the other hand I also really applaud and feel inspired by what you say about this being a chance for you to explore what it might be like to go through this time with the stability and support that regular eating give. I hear how the ED is trying to butt in and exploit the uncertainty and stress you’re under to wiggle back into your life and I think you’re amazing for SEEING THAT and RESISTING IT XXXXX You’re a light in the dark MQR and I’m here sending you smiles and good vibes and Lucia of course is sending wise purrs and snuggles xxxx Em


    1. I have the most wonderful people in day to day life looking after me, I’m being so well looked after i can’t explain how fab my friends are, and I know I’ve a wonderful online support system too (that pony pic you posted cheered me right up without you even knowing it!). I also amazingly was honest with my family rather than waiting until Christmas when they noticed my boyfriend wasn’t with me (that’s what’s going on) – I really do feel like all the therapy I’ve had is paying dividends! ED is absolutely trying to exploit it, and I fell right for it for about 3 days until my friends fed me properly and suddenly I had insight again, starving brains are no good for healing hearts! Run Lucia under her chin for me to say thanks for the love (my cat loved that!) xxx

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      1. I’m so glad to hear you have good support from your friends and family right now xx you are a star-heart and you deserve good care and support, I’m also glad to hear that you’re on your own side with things too – keeping the lines of communication open and accepting help are two smart and vital skills for getting through life’s ups and downs X I’m so glad the wee furry beast cheered you up!! I was grooming another pony this morning and he really liked the way I was scratching his belly (secret pony tip: Some of them LOVE belly rubs!!) and he turned around and licked my cheek 💕 so cuuuuuuute!!!


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