I’m off on holidays for 3 weeks. I know I am so so so lucky to be able to go away (after a trip already this summer too!) and I am really looking forward to it. 

I’m not bringing ED. I loved my time away from the horrible voice last time so I want to have that again. I’m going to be active as part of the trip, so it’s okay to eat, actually I need to eat, and I really don’t want to be purging around others. 

I’m off on an adventure and off to make memories of a world beyond food, weight and size. 

Take care of yourselves while I’m away! 

The lighter side of bulimia

I came across this link today and it made me laugh- it’s an Irish comedian so maybe it doesn’t translate as well into other cultures but it was really refreshing to read an honest, funny take on eating disorders. And really inspiring to read a public figure be honest about the bulimic aspects of bulimia, and the therapy process. I hope some of you found it as entertaining as I did, and let’s face it EDs are rarely entertaining in a positive way!

For other real and inspiring stories follow this great blog

Happy Thursday everyone.