Structured eating reflection -day 2

Breakfast- easiest meal of the day-no dramas

Got into work and immediately moved the biscuits and put my lunch bag in the staff room. It took only 5 minutes, such a simple action but so important for keeping on track.

Morning snack- Ate what I had planned and at scheduled time. Feels like a large amount of food for a snack but I need to readjust on this one and instead enjoy that it leaves me satisfied rather than feeling guilty for that.

Unscheduled cake bites- at meeting, they were small and homemade by a healthy friend so felt safe- and they were yummy!

Lunch- Was later than planned as I had a meeting. Wasn’t starving for it (probably due to snack) but this is probably a good thing- eating before I get to this point, even though it makes me feel week. Didn’t eat the dessert I had planned for it but I genuinely was too full, decided instead to add it to my afternoon snack.

Afternoon snack- ate as scheduled. Substituted my dessert from lunch for part of it, then ate the other bit of it later as I stayed in work late.

Dinner- home alone with no plan as what to have. Went for little walk before going in to think it through- thought going to shops to pick something up would be too dangerous so instead came up with something (albeit a bit random) from the stuff we had at home. Was tasty- I dished out my portion and ate just that. I’m now having a cup of tea and waiting for the boy to get home so my options for purging are reduced (I could still if I wanted to but I don’t!). I have scope for some dessert after dinner but I’m not sure if I a) need it b) want it c) could eat it without consequential behaviours.

If I can hang on for another couple of hours it will have been another successful day! I didn’t really have any urges to binge and purge so that made it easier. I feel huge as I haven’t done any exercise since I was sick- but will get back to it tomorrow. Trying not to think about that and distracting with study instead.

Hope you all had lovely days too.

Edited 22.40 to add that I ate dessert once my boyfriend got home and then got on with some work and have now finished some work that is due in tomorrow. Never would have happened if I’d spent the time binge/purging. Wishing I could be so sensible everyday, but thinking like that doesn’t help. One day at a time…


2 thoughts on “Structured eating reflection -day 2

  1. Yay well done you on today 🙂 very assertive and strong. I relate to not feeling so hot on eating before your hungry but in truth eating in the structured way is the real strength – nothing weak about it, it takes real mental strength and courage – I fully respect that 🙂 whoop whoop xx love from me and purrs from Lucia xx


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