Meal planning

I need to take back control of my eating. First step is setting out times to eat- this has helped before. Last time I really focused on this though it was about eating when I didn’t feel like eating- now it’s not eating when I feel like eating (which I feel shameful and disgusting about admitting- but it’s the truth and I need to face up to it).

I’m not focusing so much on what I eat right now (baby steps) but I am going to try focusing on when I eat, so that I have clear distinctions between food time and non-food and hopefully this will stop me feeling like behaviours are running my life.

The plan is 3 meals 2 snacks a day. I’m not going to write what I’ll eat as I think that’s the type of thing I was use to compare myself if someone else wrote it and we all have different nutritional needs. These are the times I’m aiming for tomorrow:

Breakfast 9am (when I get into work after pool)

Snack 1: 11 am

Lunch: 1pm (this might be hard as I usually eat earlier but this is better for being spread across the day)

Snack 2: 4pm (a big one so that it get’s me from end of the day to dinner)

Dinner: as my boyfriend doesn’t know about this my timing is a bit dependent on him but I will ask him that we start having dinner no later than 7.30

One day at time, I’ll keep you updated on how this works out (or if you don’t hear from me you can assume it went disastrously!)


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