Taking care of the little things

Although I am doing kind of crap with the big things at the moment (e.g. stopping purging, keeping a food diary, not binging etc.) I realised today that there are some little things that I can do that will help my overall stress levels and well being. When I write them down they seem so insignificant, and really just part of being a functioning human being, but it’s amazing how much impact not doing them can have on me, and how much I resist doing these tasks sometimes.

So, this evening I:

  • washed the dishes before going to bed
  • put out my gym gear so I don’t have to find it in the dark in the morning and risk waking the boy
  • packed my clothes for post gym (remembering both bras and knickers which is not always a given!)
  • am blogging as I felt so much better for doing it yesterday
  • decided on the first thing I need to do in work tomorrow so I can get on with it without turning on email and getting lost in that
  • took my medication which I forgot this morning

I should also make my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow but honestly I can’t be arsed so I will set my alarm 10 minutes early so I can do it. If I regret that in the morning (which I tend to do) I will publicly declare it so I remind myself to not be lazy!

Anyone else managed a little thing today that might have helped with the big things?

(or if you’ve managed anything about the big things please do share that too! I need inspiration!)


4 thoughts on “Taking care of the little things

  1. That’s why I love lists!! Because when you write down all those “little things” they add up and you validate yourself! You realize you accomplish a lot!!

    Good for you! 😛

    My little big things: I also laid out my clothes! I put some tops for my friend in my bag. I folded my clean underwear [I really almost didn’t]. Then put them away!


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