Food and mood

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and far too early to boot. Dragged myself outdoors and did a long interval run session. Ate breakfast and then was still hungry so ate all my lunch by noon. Drank diet coke and tea all afternoon, along with fizzy sweets, to keep me going and was horribly grumpy in work and really thrown by a busy day. Came home in a foul mood and cancelled plans to meet a friend this evening.

Then….ate a really decent dinner…and hey presto… 15 minutes later I am in a much better mood. I feel like I’ve just had a 3 hour nap and am now able to go about my evening.

I was hungry. I need to eat when I’m hungry, and properly eat, not artificial sugar kind of eating. It doesn’t matter if it’s more food than I had planned for the day, my body will tell me what it needs. I’ve been back training for the past few weeks now and I think my body has been adjusting to needing more energy to keep it fuelled. Now I just need to work on helping my head adjust to this too.

It’s tricky, because sometimes the answer for me is not food (i.e. when I’m just binging as an emotional activity), but sometimes it is. If hunger isn’t the problem, then food isn’t the answer. But if hunger is the problem then food most definitely is the answer.

Still learning….


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