The next best thing

After a rough morning/afternoon yesterday I decided to put some of my therapy learning into action.

I did the housework that I wanted to do, I finished the uni work I had set for the weekend (late on a Sunday night as usual!) and I ate a balanced dinner. My throat was killing me but I ate it anyway as that was the next best thing to do. 

This morning I tried the same. Despite still feeling rough and ashamed after yesterday’s binge/purge I woke up, faced the day, went to the gym and then went to the library. I was nervous about eating but I know restricting after a binge is not the next best thing so I ate a balanced breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, tea-time hot chocolate and dinner.I agonised over the hot chocolate but I was hungry and had a craving for one and I know id be late having my dinner so I had it and unsurprisingly the world hasn’t ended!

I caught up with the triathlon when home (go GB!) now in bed with alarm set for a gentle swim in morning.

Today was such a better use of my time and I’m pleased I managed to resist behaviours. I find once I give into purging it lasts for a few days but not this time. The ‘next best thing’ worked- I should remember this!  Night all x


7 thoughts on “The next best thing

  1. Props to getting right back on track!! You’re absolutely right about not restricting a day after a binge. (I actually find that I am totally ravenous the day after! Does that happen to you?)

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    1. Yes and especially if I go to bed hungry having purged everything but my nurse spent ages convincing me to eat something after a binge before sleeping even if I don’t feel like it as I have horrible acid problems so this helps. If I feel like I haven’t purged enough I tend to feel gross the next day. So basically I feel crap either way so should stop doing it!!!


    2. Yep, certainly does. I thinks it’s a response to insulin that is pretty much released on recognising sweet food. It gets left there circulating the blood with no blood glucose to work on resulting in immediate hunger post purge. Bloody illness. I’d rather have haemorrhoids. Xx

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