When one door closes…

This is just a quick post to share something nice and exciting that happened to me today! (I feel this may be building this up more than it should!)

I’m still not running due to my injury so I have been doing lots of core work and stretches. While the lack of cardio was initially a challenge I’ve recently been enjoying just hanging out on my yoga mat playing around with poses and breathing, and really working on the ‘integrity’ of poses- which normally I wouldn’t bother with as I dip in and out of yoga and never take it slow enough to actually make any progress- but today I managed crow pose for the first time ever! I could only hold it for about 3 seconds but that’s more than I’ve managed before.

So,  the door has been closed on running for a while but that left other doors open for me, and once I got past the awfulness of no running I’ve been able to see the benefits of having to slow down and rest. My ED voice is shouting at me to not admit this, but it’s been really nice to have a break from exercise goals. I was gutted to not be able to run the marathon after all of the training, but now that is over I’m actually okay with just taking things easy. I’m worried about my weight, but my clothes still fit so until that changes I just have to trust it will be okay. Trust the process, this motto has served me well, keep breathing and trust the process.


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