I need to world to stop for a few days. I need time to stop. I need time to sort my head out. I need time to have a cry. I need time to do my Physio exercises.  I need time to hang out with my boyfriend. I need time to look at my PhD. I need time to prepare materials for work. I need time to answer texts and emails. I need time to do the house work. I need time to spend with friends.

The world is spinning and I’m my head is too blurry to cope with real life right now. Saw my nurse this morning but couldn’t make her understand – it made me feel worse than before I went in – I’m really missing my old nurse and doctor right now- I don’t know how to make my real life people understand.

I know this will pass. I know all my work will get done and I will feel like I can breathe again. I know my injury will fade and I can run off my worries. I know dawn will come but the darkness just really sucks right now.


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. Xx thinking of you and sitting with you while you get through this tough time MQR, sounds like thugs are really hard st the moment and it’s understandable you’d feel overwhelmed xx you’re not alone, deep breaths, Em


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