So today was not-a-marathon day. The injury of doom persists. I was kind of dreading it. So much so that I tried to run on Friday just to see if it might be possible, but I couldn’t make it more than 200m, so that was not going to happen. So today I was a spectator and actually, it was a great day. Just because it was not-a-marathon day for me didn’t mean that there wasn’t a marathon! My running club peeps and my boyfriend were awesome and we’ve been for a lovely meal tonight to celebrate. I cheered my heart out and I’m so pleased that I could get my head in a space to enjoy myself and be present for others. Slowly but surely I’m learning to ride the waves of life.


4 thoughts on “Not-a-marathon

  1. 🙂 yaaaaay!! MQR you get a gold medal for your gold heart 🙂 I’m so glad you had a good time and that you went for a lovely celebration meal too! Life and Freedom! moments like this is what the hard work of recovery is all about, you deserve so much joy X thanks for sharing the good news, its inspiring, sending good healing wishes your way too xx Em


  2. I think you’re amazing. Your wisdom has come at a high price, but now you have it, you’ll have more and more of these moments. You ARE exercising, it’s just that you’re using different muscles. XXX


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