I’m injured. Like, cannot walk let alone run injured, 2 weeks out from a marathon that I have out my heart and soul training into. I needn’t have been worried about the purging affecting my race as my leg has swooped in and stolen that thunder.

I’m trying not to panic, it could still be okay, but I’m not sure if I really believe this. 

On the plus side it has made me realise my eating and purging are under my control whereas so many other things are not. The first day I just binged and purged through it (tues so boyfriend was out and it was pancake day-recipe for disaster!) but yesterday I got my sh*t together and ate balanced meals. I can actually do something about my eating whereas I can’t about lots of other variables. 

Going to try be sensible again today. Will get a swim in then have Physio later. Cross your fingers for me that it will be good news!


9 thoughts on “Injured

  1. Oh blimey!! Lots of healing thoughts to your injury…. What have you done? Rest, ice, elevation and then after 72 hours – heat and ice ….. Sorry. My area of expertise this is. Let us know how you get on at physio xxx


      1. Eeeeeek. That’s horrible. I have slipping rib syndrome and when the rib pops, sneezing and indeed breathing is horrendous. I feel for you


  2. Xxx noooooooo! MQR I’m so sorry to hear about the injury 😦 I love running, was off all last year with a tedious sprain so I know how much it sucks xxx you have all my empathy and I’m crossing eyes, fingers and toes that your appt goes well and you get good news. I’m totally bummed for you about the marathon too… I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself and structured eating is the path to freedom xx sending hugs and support xx Em


    1. Thanks Em. I was thinking of you and your ankle and how well you coped with such a long term injury when you dancing depended on it, you’re one strong lady! Structured eating is so important, how do I keep forgetting this?! Hope you’re doing okay.

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