This will be the year

I will be discharged from ED services at a healthy weight with a healthy enough mindset to keep going on my own. I will ensure my purging does not exceed 8 times a month.

I will write three chapters of my PhD.

I will PB in the marathon.

I will complete another 70.3 triathlon and enjoy it this time.

I will make an effort to be positive in work- I like my job so I should not moan about it when there, and hopefully this might spread positivity to others.

I will save 1/4 of the money needed for a house deposit to one day own my own house!

I will make more of an effort to text/ring friends, as I have some of the most amazing friendships I want to make sure they are maintained.

I will blog at least once a fortnight so that I check in with myself to see how I’m really feeling (I find sitting down to write is really good for this).

2016, I’m ready for you!


7 thoughts on “This will be the year

  1. Hi! Happy New Year! I very much admire your resolutions but the level of intensive exercise makes me worry for you… Not many people with and ED can manage to sustain the amount of eating needed for intense training . When your body weight starts to drop, it’s so much easier for the ED to get its nasty little claws into your recovering brain. Pleases feel free to disregard this comment if it’s not relevant.
    Thinking of you and looking forward to your fortnightly updates!



    1. Thanks for your comment. I would say the same thing to someone else if they wrote about exercise that way too, but I have maintained the same weight for 9 months now doing the same level I do. In fact I even gained a couple of kilos last month despite upping the running. In one way I hate that I must be eating enough to maintain, but in a bigger way I know that it is preventing ED taking grip, so I can live with it for the most part. Hope you’re doing well. x

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      1. So good to read these words. I know it might hurt to be told you’re doing well, but if you can hear it with non-ED ears then please know how much I admire you for your achievement. Most people don’t realise the scale of that achievement… It’s amazing.
        I hope this year is full of good stuff for you. Sending a New Years blessing your way!

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