I want to be asleep! I had a really early start and have another one tomorrow so sleep would be rather useful! 

I’ve tried everything in my sleep arsenal to help me have an eay night. I switched off screens 4 hours ago (until now!) I had a bubble bath. I’ve new sheets on the bed. I read. I’ve listened to a sleep meditation. I’ve eaten (and – if I’m honest- purged, but not enough to make me hungry). Only other thing I can think of is to write down all that’s in my head so here’s my effort at that:

  • Relationship worries (probably the main sleep block)
  • Printing I need to do at work tomorrow
  • Emails I need to send to colleagues
  • Make appt with bank
  • Make dentist appt
  • Make hairdresser appt (hardly big woes that should be keeping me awake!)
  • Guilt over not being in touch with a friend
  • Worry about nurse appt this week that I’m not in mood for and most definitely don’t want to be weighed
  • Book train tickets
  • Hoover car
  • Clearing computer to move desk
  • Work application deadline 

Hopefully that has helped! I should probably end with a ‘grateful list’ as that might change my mindset:

My boyfriend for listening to my concerns

  • My friend for giving good advice
  • The opportunity to do a job I love that provides potential for personal growth. 
  • The lovely people out there who make me feel less alone just when I need it.

Night all, sweet dreams.


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