Bite by bite, meal by meal

My purging is getting out of control again. If I’m as committed to recovery as I say I am then I need to do something about it. I know it won’t go away on its own and I know I’m the only person that can make things better.

I need to go back to basics. Bite by bite, meal by meal. No grand declarations that I won’t every purge again, just a commitment to take it one meal at a time and to try my best using the resources available to me. I have six chances everyday (three meals three snacks) to give it a shot so that’s what I’ll do.

I’ve had success with breakfast and morning snack already today. All I need to focus on now is lunch and I’ll deal with the rest as it comes. I’ll keep posting to keep myself accountable (I can’t bear to talk about it with my real life supports at the moment).

The saying goes that you have to chose recovery everyday- I’ve let that slip the last while but I’m picking myself and trying again. Onwards and upwards.


4 thoughts on “Bite by bite, meal by meal

  1. Good for you. You’ve owned it quick which is amazing as we know just how sneaky this illness is. Sounds to me like your recovery voice is strong and that’s so amazing.

    I understand the issues with purging. For me it has been the most stubborn to kick into touch out of all my behaviours under the umbrella of ED.

    I like the fact you are choosing to see each meal as an opportunity to outwit this pesky-purging foe. I’m going to nick this idea and apply to my own skill set so thank you for the inspiration.

    Wishing you lots of courage and fortitude as you tackle this one xxx


  2. You are so strong for writing this! I am sending you all the support and everything you need to get through this. Like you say onwards and upwards. I believe in you. Bite by bite, meal by meal, you can do this! X


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