Eating enough is necessary for sleep!

I went to bed hungry last night. I’d been for a run and then had dinner after but was still feeling a little hungry when I went to sleep. I debated getting up for a snack but wasn’t sure if I was actually hungry enough for it, and eating just before sleeping is still a little hard, so I ignored it and went to sleep.

Four hours later it’s 3.30 am and I am wide awake and cannot get back to sleep. I’ve gotten up to have a cup of tea and a slice of toast as I know that will help. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back to sleep now (I can’t find my phone and can’t look properly as the boy is still asleep so I can’t use my trusty sleep app :/)  and I know I’m going to be exhausted later on.

When I was restricting waking up super early was part of parcel of my life and I used to like it as I would get so much done before the world wakes up – but now I’m more calm and stable it’s just a pain now! I want to be asleep!

So, lesson learnt, eating is refuelling, and my body needs fuel to sleep.



7 thoughts on “Eating enough is necessary for sleep!

  1. oh jeepers! I am learning this too!!! I am so glad to have read your post about this because its been a hurdle for me too! I have found myself in exactly the same situation (except I can’t run anymore) but with being busy, and then feeling too tired to eat the snack and also being freaked out by the lateness factor (ed brain-fart) and then waking up unable to sleep. I’ve learnt too that I have to eat the last snack no matter what time it is!! xxx the sleep is worth it 🙂 even after a 15 months of it, sometimes this regular eating malarky, and its effects are still so foreign to me!! thanks for the post, its good to know I’m not alone!! x Em

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  2. Really difficult but really important to acknowledge the hunger and the fact that your body will always prioritise food over sleep as it knows which is more important.
    Really glad you did what you did. It doesn’t mean that it’ll become routine… It just means you need to remember to have something before bed.
    Thinking of you


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  3. It’s funny but it was totally guilt free snacking in the middle of the night as I knew for definite that I was hungry, whereas during the day I’m not always sure if I am but know I need to eat anyway. Still had breakfast in the morning too despite that being TWO breakfasts (shock horror I haven’t ballooned from a slice of toast and some porridge!). Hope you’re doing okay.


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