20 things that make me smile


I’m a little late getting to this but as I’m in a smiley mood it seems like perfect timing! Thanks aoifs for the tag.

  1. My boyfriend, especially when he seeks out a hug
  2. Mum and sister time when we’re just chilling over a glass of wine or a cup of tea
  3. Cups of tea
  4. My cousins – I have a zillion younger boy cousins and they are all mad and hype and so much fun which means I’m smiling pretty much all the time around them.
  5. Little children in general – I love that I get to play as part of my job!
  6. Hitting the send button on a piece of work or an assignment
  7. Tidying and cleaning the house (sad but true)
  8. Diving into the freezing sea – awful at first but then such a refreshing feeling
  9. A hot shower after said freezing swim
  10. Clean bed sheets
  11. Putting on thick socks and slippers when I have cold feet
  12. My friends- I am blessed to have collected the most wonderful range of friends across my lifetime (they really should be above slippers- this list is not in order!)
  13. When I’m stuck into a really good book
  14. Looking back on old photos (not of me- that tends to make me cry!) and memory boxes
  15. When you start to feel settled in a new place you are travelling in
  16. Writing to do lists
  17. Peanut butter and jam on toast (every time I eat it I squish my ED a little bit more, and I get a lovely little mental picture of that
  18. Mastering a new skill
  19. Crossing the finish line at a race
  20. My amazing ED service and when I think about the fact that I actually might be eating disorder free one day!

This was fun! If you haven’t done one already I recommend it!


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