Week of stress

I made it! My week of stress is over and I survived. Big sigh of relief.

This was meant to be a good chance for me to show that I can cope with stress and still focus on recovery. That didn’t exactly go to plan – my eating has been all over the place, I’ve binged, I’ve purged, I’ve skip meals, I’ve barely slept, I’ve been avoiding people. While this sounds terrible (and boy does my body feel terrible now too) now that I have met my deadline I feel I can regroup and get back on with being well.

Recovery isn’t a straight line, so yeah I made some bad decisions this week, but I’m in one piece and I’m feeling strong enough to keep going, so while in some ways it’s been disastrous I’m actually feeling quite positive and chalking it up as a win, and I’ll take those in any shape they come in!


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