Holidays and winding down

It’s holiday time! Yay! This break feels like it has been a long time coming, work and study have been hectic the last few months. I’ve been doing well keeping on top off things and have been careful about not working weekends etc. but that has meant long days during the week and a very full brain. The long days I can cope with mostly, especially when I’m eating enough and keeping it in, that makes a huge difference, but the ‘full brain’ had been starting to get to me. It means waking up in the middle of the night thinking about my to-do list, it’s watching tv not paying attention to what’s happening as I’m thinking about work things, it’s drifting off while with friends to mentally plan where I’m at with other things. Basically, I’ve been the polar opposite of mindful for the last while and it had started to take its toll on my mood.

However, I’m now on holidays and trying very hard to wind down. I’m in Scotland for a week and then Ireland for a week. I’ve got a few days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is very exciting as I love theatre, comedy, dance, anything like that and then I’m going to visit my relations further north. In Ireland then I’m going to catch up with my friends and relations but I also have a few days PhD work to do which is kind of stressing me out as I’ve got to do a few bit this week before I’m ready for next week. I thought it would be fine being on holidays even if I did have some work to do but it feels like it’s just hanging over me now. It’s great to be making progress with my PhD but it’s kind of ruining my relaxation!

I’m hoping now I’ve put it down in words that I’m a bit stressed by that, I’ll leave it here in my laptop and not carry it around in my brain all day! It is what it is, and when the work is done I will feel great about it. It’s up to me whether it stresses me out all week or not. I need to draw on all my mindfulness abilities over the next few days I think, and get lost in the fun of Edinburgh. I’m lucky to be here so I need to focus on that!

PS: Thanks for the nominations and tag posts- I will get to them when I’m back home!


3 thoughts on “Holidays and winding down

  1. Get you so much, except for the PHd. Although I can remember being like this during my degree, I did mine well late!!

    Hope you can find a little relaxation and stop those pesky thoughts that seem to be bigger at night than in the day.


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