The ‘well side’ of me

I just watched a lovely introduction video from Onepersonsinsanity who suggested that others might like to post a bit about their ‘well’ sides as well as their ‘ill’ sides. I thought this was a good idea, so although I don’t like to give away too much identifying information I will give it a little go!

My name is H, I’m 33 and I currently live in the UK. I’ve also lived in Ireland, Scotland and Australia (and Canada, Spain and France for a few months at a time!)- I’m lucky to have family in lots of different cities and I love visiting new places. I work with children with special needs and I also teach at a University- two jobs keeps me busy but I love them both. I’m in the middle of studying for my PhD but this has been a bit on and off so it will probably be another few years before that gets done! I’m patient about it though and know it is not worth becoming sick over.

I love to run and make sure to emphasise that this is separate from my eating disorder- I do it socially with a club and a lovely group of friends and I love the fun of training and racing without being too fixed on goals and definitely not fixed on calories. I also cycle- I live near the countryside so can cycle from my house to the wilderness (well, kind of!) in only a few minutes and I know a few good routes that all pass by lovely tea shops on the way home (that’s how seriously I take my cycling!). I used to sea swim a lot too when I lived by the coast- all year round despite freezing temperatures at times- I really miss that now living inland but I have to make do with a swimming pool and the occasional wild swim in a nearby river. Seeing as I swim, cycle and run it makes sense that I also do triathlons- again not in a competitive way but more that they are a great day out and a good way to see new places. Plus there’s something kind of fun about struggling out of a wetsuit at speed to then jump on a bike sopping wet before trying to run with legs that feel like lead (no honestly that is fun!).

II live with my boyfriend and moving in with him was a new adventure for me this year but it’s going well. I never thought I would meet someone that I would want to live with and ‘settle down’ with so this has been an exciting change the past couple of years. He knows about my ‘issues’ and while I know he would try to understand it’s not something we talk about. I’m not sure whether this is the right approach or not but it’s working for the moment.

I like to read although I find that when I start a book, I can’t put it down so finish it really quickly, and then don’t start another for a while (all or nothing ey?!). I’ve just read ‘Still Alice’ which was great and I’m about to start ‘Being Mortal’ as it was recommended to me by my Mum. Other than that, I spend the rest of my time hanging out with my wonderful friends and family (I am truly blessed when it comes to family and friendship), cleaning (gives me such a sense of calm) and napping (as I do love a good nap!).

Okay so it turns out writing about myself is actually quite easy- I didn’t expect this to be so long! Well done if you made it to the end and I would love to read a bit more about your ‘well sides’ too!


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