Shopping success!

A while ago I posted about clearing out my wardrobe so that when I opened it I was greeted by clothes I liked and fit me rather than being taunted by too small clothes and too big clothes and all the memories they bring. This was a great step to have made but it left me with very little to wear and a need to brave a shopping trip.

Now I’m not the best shopper anyway in that I have to be careful with money so I stress a little about that and also the getting in and out of clothes to try things on and queuing etc. makes me weary (I can run a marathon but ask me to walk around a shopping centre and I get lazy!).

Anyway, I finally braved it last week and after 3 hours (and a couple of crying breaks in public bathrooms!) I have new outfits. I wore one yesterday- a blue dress (Next £25), a peach belt (£1.50 primark) and peach shoes (£3 sale from new look!) and I’m going to say something a bit incredible……

 I felt kind of pretty!!!!

I’m glad I persevered and I’m really reassured that I can have positive feelings about myself that are not connected to my weight/size. I felt pretty not because I looked thin or anything like that – but simply because I was wearing a nice summer dress that was comfortable and I felt okay in.    

I know it may seem shallow and superficial to be pleased about liking how I look for a day, but when you spend a lifetime hating yourself in the mirror it’s actually a big deal. 

Go me 🙂 


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