Chocolate peanuts round 3

Well I binged on chocolate peanuts again, but it has been a few weeks since rounds 1 and 2 so at least I’m spacing them out! Seriously why do I have no control over my cravings sometimes? Why do I keep eating when I feel sick? Why can’t I just have a few and then put them away? I’m eating knowing I will feel bas after but I don’t have the strength to stop. It’s so frustrating.

On the plus side, I haven’t purged. That’s 28 days purge free. A month pretty much- amazing. I’m making myself suffer the consequences of overeating (fullness, bloating, calorie excess, fat excess) etc. and I’m really hoping that at some point (chocolate peanuts round 4, round 10? round 20?!) I will learn that it it is not worth it.

Here’s hoping!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate peanuts round 3

  1. 28 days – well done! When I start to binge on something I try to allow myself a certain portion to enjoy but tell myself “if you want more in half an hour, you can.” I usually find that after half an hour I A) feel full and B) feel really proud that I controlled it, that I don’t want any more! Not always, but I find this is a good technique. X


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