Stumbles and a run

I read something the other night that said something along the lines of ‘if you stumble but right yourself you’ve still actually gained a step’. I kind of feel this is what happened to me with my chocolate peanuts incidents. Yes I ate too much but I didn’t purge. Sometimes if I’m too forgiving of myself I feel like I start to make excuses to engage in negative behaviours, but beating myself up about things isn’t productive either. So I’m recognising these as stumbles but also as steps gained.

On another note, I had a great race yesterday- it was really hilly half marathon but the more that goes up, the more that comes down, and I love downhill running so that suits me! It was a gorgeous countryside route so I made sure to take some deep breaths and enjoy the scenery. I was mindful of my breathing and my steps on the road. I listened to the sounds of the animals we passed (and inhaled some of the smells they made!). I smiled at and thanked all the volunteers. I watched the clouds move across the sky and felt the odd raindrop. It was a very peaceful run, despite being a really hard route. That’s the beauty of mindful running I guess! A lovely way to end a positive week in recovery.


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