Mindful? Me?

I completely get mindfulness, I understand how it can be beneficial, I have seen the benefits in many people close to me, but when it comes to mindfulness and me I prickle, there is something about being in the moment and focusing on my thoughts that really stresses me out. I tend to be a mile-a-minute thinker (and doer), always working on eight things at once, my head in the past, the future, food/weight (!) anywhere but in the moment. In fact one of my friends who teaches mindfulness to hospital patients describes me as the least mindful person she knows!

But, today I was running and I had reached the top of a hill with glorious views. The sun was shining and I paused to take it in. I turned off my music (I don’t always run with music but I wanted to not be thinking this morning) and I stood there listening to the birds cheep and the leaves in the wind. Such a cliche, but it was actually really nice. Crap- maybe I was wrong and there is something in this mindfulness business for me after all!

I finished the rest of the run without my headphones and while my mind drifted again (to where we’ll eat for dinner when I bring my cousin out for her birthday in a months time!) I did enjoy that little moment of it. Whatever the rest of the day may bring, today has been positive already.


7 thoughts on “Mindful? Me?

  1. Hey! I really enjoyed this post. I’ve just discovered mindfulness and I have been trying to find a way of mindful running (I haven’t tried it yet). It sounds like hell but you just made it sound lovely 😊 Have a great day! Sophie. X


  2. I’m very similar in that I don’t think my mind stops racing much. In a sense, I think my mind races to compensate for the racing that I’m not allwing my body to do at the moment (trying to rest more, much against my will). I think mindfulness is less about focusing on your thoughts and maybe a little more about focusing on the spaces between the thoughts (which is why people like us find it hard!). It sounds like your mindful moment really influenced how you felt about the rest of the day. It’s amazing how powerful it can be to be ‘lost’ in ‘the moment’.:)
    Hoping you can have some more of those times.



      1. Yes. Peaceful yet hard. I’m a hypocrite if I pretend that I practise mindfulness everyday… but I do try to have a moment where I slip into those spaces, where the noise pauses and the moment is just that… a moment. Have you heard of the Headspace app? I know some people find it really helpful. x


  3. Sounds amazing. My runs are often my greatest moments of peace and serenity even as I blast Justin Timberlake. Everywhere else I think ahead (or worse, behind), strategizing how I’m going to handle this if that, etc. When I’m on the road it’s one of the few times I’m not zoning out and am completely in the moment. Good for you!


    1. Yes I think it is possible to be in the moment even with a bit of cheesy pop on (not that JT is cheesy….) , I think I just need to focus more on what I’m doing right now so that I can make the most of my runs rather than using them as over-thinking time!


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