Shut down

I’ve had a busy, stressful week with some deadlines at work, a house move and then an emotional time with my family while home for the weekend due to some stuff. I have been surviving but I feel like the only way I’ve been able to do this is to switch myself off, shut myself down. I’ve been going about my daily life but without feeling any emotion whatsoever- I think if I actually let myself feel I might crumble and stop functioning. I know I’ll need to sit with the thoughts/feelings and address them at some point but I feel they’re going to be overwhelming so I’m putting it off. Does anyone else get like this? I want to just ride it out and hope everything just gets better but I know from experience this is a risky game and far more likely to lead me to upping ED behaviours and not wanting to get out of bed. So I will switch myself back on soon, just not right now, but soon. Sigh, sometimes it takes a lot of energy to be okay doesn’t it?


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