Personal bests

Today I beat my 10 km PB by 55 seconds: I came in at 49.32 on a very blustery day. I didn’t think sub 50 was possible, and certainly not on the back of a slow marathon and a difficult week. But I did it, I reached my goal, even though it was hard and felt out of reach, I did it.

If I could manage to apply the same determination to recovery then a recovered life could actually be within my reach. Maybe this could actually be the time I get better.

We had a fun time out celebrating with the club, I drank and then we went for Chinese. I think the last time I had Chinese was in 2005, but that wasn’t the point tonight, it was about re-fuelling with my running club, about laughing so hard until my sides hurt, taking photos and being part of the gang. That’s what Chinese food brought me: not calories/fat content/MSG…but a lovely time with my friends. Yes okay if I’m honest I want to be sick now, but I can sleep it off and tomorrow I will feel okay. Because tomorrow always comes, and this time I will have the memories of why I’m glad of that.

Every day is a victory xxx


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