Eating disorders and insomnia

It’s 4.45 am and I am wide awake. A regular sleep pattern is definitely on my list of ‘pros for recovery’ as I am all over the place regarding sleep and it has quite a negative impact on my life at times.

My typical pattern is that I have no difficulties getting to sleep (in fact my family say that one of my greatest talents is that I can fall asleep anywhere!) but I tend to wake up during the night and then find it very difficult to get back to sleep. Or if I do manage to fall asleep again, it’s only for an hour and I wake up every hour until I just give in and get up.

From spring all through summer this year I was waking at 4.49am and then would be up for the day. I could handle this if I could go to bed at 9pm every night, which I would be alright with to be honest but my boyfriend is a night owl and it was becoming a bit of an issue when I would call over to his house, spend 10 minutes with him and then want to go to bed! (even more of an issue when I would try wake him at 5am as I was bored!).

One cause of this was a side effect of the anti-depressant, but my Dr also reckoned it was just that I wasn’t eating enough during the day that I was waking up so early because I was hungry. I refuted this suggestion initially but after months of sleep deprivation I decided it was worth a try and added in a pre-sleep snack. It was hard: eating just before sleeping resulted in a nasty ED rant ‘you’re not burning it off, it’s going to turn straight to fat, you’ll be a size bigger in the morning etc. etc.’ but actually…. it worked! While I would still wake up, if I kept calm and stayed in bed I’d typically fall asleep again within 20-30 mins. Miracle!

So I’ve been enjoying being normal sleeper for the last two months and while it’s crap that I’m up tonight, it’s actually a nice reminder of how better my sleep patterns are now, I can handle a rough night every once in a while! I do think it’s because I’m still digesting my dinner as I feel a bit nauseous. There’s a little bit of me that thinks I’ll feel better if I got sick now, but that faulty thinking is why my stomach is so messed up so I will ride it out.

Off to write my christmas cards now: might as well make the most of being up!

Hope all you lovely people had a good nights sleep wherever you are!


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